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    An overview of authentication with Auth0

    Auth is hard and frustrating. You require prerequisite knowledge of basic security, data flows and auth protocols. Oh! And if you mess up, you're screwed. Luckily for you (and everyone using your app!), many of these problems have been solved.

    Note: This post is WIP and currently serves as a personal reference.

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    Dark Theme for Tailwind Typography

    Tailwind Typography is the styling solution that powers this blog. Unfortunately, there is no dark theme support so I spent a couple minutes tinkering around to add my own dark variant. Try it out by switching themes in the header, and scrolling through this blog post!

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    How the heck do I push to an array in Prisma?

    I have a confession. I've never used SQL in a project before. Sure, I've written a couple of SQL statements to grab some data and understand the basics but, like most newbie Web developers, the first database I used was MongoDB.

    You might think that aside from the ACID guarantees and generic tradeoffs you get between SQL and NoSQL you don't really need to think any deeper on the differences when working on small projects. After all, all you need is simple CRUD and both should offer it, right?

    And that's why I was stuck when I couldn't find out how to push to an array in Prisma. Here's why this question doesn't make sense.

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    Theming with TailwindCSS

    Theming is a commonly desired feature which can be tricky to implement. For this reason, many CSS frameworks have built-in opinionated theming solutions such as styled-components. In this article we will explore the different solutions for theming, ranging from static CSS Variables to truly dynamic JS. We'll evaluate the tradeoffs of each solution and leave with a better understanding of CSS as well as theming solutions offered by different frameworks.

    Along the way we'll see how we can use these techniques to implement a theming solution for a TailwindCSS project.